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Auspeld – Understanding Learning Difficulties

Auspeld has produced a useful document for understanding what a learning disability is and how it differs from a learning difficulty. It offers helpful advice on therapy and how to…

July 21 2022

Literacy Progressions mapped to Decodable Reader Series

If your child is learning to read at school with synthetic phonics but they are not taking decodable readers home with them, they will not make the executive progress. Check…

June 13 2019

Check out this 25 minute video on the importance of reading, the reading wars and how to teach reading

June 06 2019

When reading with your children may not help them to learn to read

New speech pathology practice on the Surf Coast targets children who are struggling to read  “I was told to read to her. I’ve read more to her than any of…

March 26 2019

Learning to Read using Synthetic Phonics

When children learn to read they learn to solve a code. In English the code we use is called the alphabet. It consists of 26 letters. These letters are combined…

March 20 2019